Essential Questions for Educators Everywhere


Essential Questions for Educators Everywhere’ is a series of open seminars and summer course over five days at National College of Ireland in the heart of Dublin City. As the title suggests, the goal is to interrogate essential ideas that underpin our understanding and practice of what it means to teach and learn in the world of today.

The events are designed for qualified and aspiring learning professionals in areas such as early childhood education, further education, college, university and adult learning and pastoral care settings.NCI

Through debate, discussion and critical dialogue, participants will explore issues such as the nature of learning, the purpose of schooling, the goals of lifelong learning, the qualities of teaching, and the relationship between personal leadership, respect and education. These questions are relevant for teachers everywhere – regardless of country or context – all the more so for the changing times we live in. The history and evolution of Irish education, including the influence and involvement of religious institutions will also be explored. Participants will be encouraged to ask questions, compare systems and discuss alternatives throughout.

As teachers everywhere, we have much in common and it is natural to ask what makes us teachers. Participation in these events will consolidate our professional thinking and address core questions that concern us all.