Who Should Attend?

As the title suggests, this Summer Course is open to all educators everywhere; we welcome and encourage participation from educators from across all sectors (including – but not limited to – primary, secondary, further education and training, higher education, adult and community education and workplace education). We believe that there are fundamental questions that are of relevance to educators in all learning and teaching contexts, and we are keen to explore these questions from a variety of perspectives.

Additionally, we aim to offer a distinctly international perspective in the consideration of the selected academic themes. National College of Ireland is delighted to partner with Mercy College (New York) in facilitating this Summer Course and we believe that the exploration of some of the central tenets underpinning modern education systems will be enriched through the accumulation of a variety of international perspectives. Therefore, we warmly encourage participation from colleagues worldwide and encourage you to consider joining us for a week of stimulating discussion and debate in relation to our understanding and practice of what it means to teach and learn in the world of today.